Enigma I (3 Rotors), The Imitation Game

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The Enigma machine was always fascinating for me. Never the less if I saw one in museum, or in Films Like Enigma by Michael Apted or more recently The Imitation Game by Morten Tyldum. I Always wanted one and now I am starting to build one. An Enigma I (later war model where the machine was a little more simplified in its construction)

In the Pictures you can see a fully 3D printed and painted one (left) one where some parts are metal and other parts that should be metal are 3D printed (Centre) and the one that will eventually be like an original, all part made from metal are really metal and it will work like the original (Right and the detail pictures)

I am reasonably confident that I will finish the first rotor soon and already start to thing about the next part of the project that will be the reflector drum. Does anyone have reference pictures of the reflector (UKW-B) especially from the Back side? Or the absolute dream would be some engineering drawing of the reflector (UKW-B)

Thanks a lot.

And if you like to follow the process, I will keep you updated here and, on my YouTube Chanel, (Mostly Engineering)


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Now as the year comes to an end I manged to finish all 176 parts of the first Rotor.


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Ambitious project! I have always been casually fascinated by Enigma machines, but I can't say I know much about them. Good luck, I'll be excited to see any updates.
And now the first Rotor is finished, Enjoy the results


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