Mermaid tail?


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First, hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, or if anyone can help me, but I figured it's worth a shot. :)

I want to make a mermaid tail. Not one of those crappy monofin-based ones covered in cloth, but a REAL mermaid tail, as much as I can do without like, a molding machine and a couple thousand dollar budget, lol. So, I have a general idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it, but I'd love input from professionals.

So, here's a brief sketch of what I want to do. It sucks, I know, but my tablet doesn't want to cooperate, so I'll have to explain.

The big thing is the heels of the feet. I want to use neoprene (I figure a yard, a yard and a half should be enough based on my measurements) as the base. I figure like, a foam noodle or something could be a good filler, if I cannibalize it, for the space in between the heel and the calf, and then the bottom of the feet, lengthen it out with a core of some kind of mildly flexible piping, and attach the actual material for the blade of the tail. I figure a PVC sheet would be just thick enough and sturdy enough to not break, but flexible enough to be a good stand-in for a monofin, and less expensive. I do intend for this to be a useable mermaid tail, in that one can actually swim in it with some practice.

I have a few questions, though, aside from the obvious "am I on the right track?". Can you paint liquid latex on neoprene, will it stick or just peel off the way it does on skin? I don't want to cover the neoprene in cloth or spandex (ripples underwater), but I will if necessary. Also, could I use some kind of glue to attach the neoprene to itself to have it be seamless or should I just deal with the seam?

I'm really new to this, although a few years back I did make some rather cool looking strapless angel wings out of chicken wire, a really big screw, carboard, an elastic corset, cloth, feathers and hot glue. xD

I'd really appreciate any opinions or advice!
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