Critical Role Jester's Tail cosplay (advice needed please!)


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This is my first real cosplay project. I have done others in the past, but they were just clothes and light make up.
I have ideas on how to complete almost everything in the project (PAX paint for the skin, wig, use a tutorial i found for the horns, and sewing the costume) but I am having issues with the tail. I have seen a video of someone making a dragon tail using the concept of the wooden snakes that only bend horizontally, not vertically. The tail was big, nothing like Jester's.
In my ideal scenario, the tail is light and flexible, with the end connected to a ring on the left hand using fishing line, so that the tail moves when my hand moves. I have no idea how this would be achieved. In the second best scenario, the tail is in a fixed position, but that is not ideal because it would bounce around a lot as i walk (i walk rather bouncily, rather annoying for cosplay), and I don't know what I would use to make the tail light enough to not pull away from the costume with it's weight. Either way, I have no idea how to make the tail. I am at a complete loss. I don't have a time crunch (thank goodness), but just want to keep working on the project in my free time so that in the future I can go to a local Comic Con or Anime Con.
Any advice is appreciated!!