Men in Black MIB Pulsar project


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Re watched MIB at a drive in this weekend and just came back to re-appreciate the work done on this.

Clap clap clap.

Zombie Killer

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Sorry for being quiet. Last bunch of weeks has been miserable rain and cold. I have the mag body done. Just waiting on some 2K primer to come in for it then i can epoxy the bottom aluminum piece on and i need to figure out how to mold it. I had to put the shell work on hold for a while since i do all my fiberglass work outside with a big fan blowing on me and its just been too cold for that. Today it finally was in the 60s so i was able to fit all the side parts to the shells. Just have to bondo up a few spots and give a few spots an epoxy coat to smooth it out and fill some air bubbles in the glass.

Zombie Killer

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Had a few decent days and got the sides epoxied up and resanded and parts refitted. I need to drill mounting screw holes in the shells and drill and tap the parts. I also got the 3rd gun cleaned up to the same point as the other 2. Next ill start cleaning up the slots near the side parts and the top section in front of the alien tube where i cut those sections out to get chromed and also tackle the aluminum top rails which are going to be fun im sure. I need to order silicone for the mag bodies and figure out how to mold the thing.

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