Medical form help needed


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Anyone a doctor, medical student, medical transcriptionist?

I need a copy of a form, if possible, one that a doctor would fill out with recommended course of treatment, prognosis, outcome of treatment. It doesn't have to be filled out with real info, although I could use some help in getting the info to look like it's in the right format (any special lingo, abbreviations, etc.)

I'm trying to create a file like you might see in the movie Aliens. At one point they found the facehuggers in the stasis tubes, and Bishop finds a clip board nearby with a report on a patient who had one of the facehuggers attached to him.

Anyway, I'd like this form to go in the file I'm making. Can anyone help?


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Generally the forms I see are free form but I am a specialist. I will see if I can get one of my derm pals or an internal medicine first visit template. Where I work, there is no real ICU template but that may be what you're looking for-

Try searching "Critical care flow sheets"- Here is a 4 pager- if you remove the hospital logo, it may be what you want- Maybe combine it with an operative report to include black and white pics/xrays-