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I am quite the steampunk fan and have finally decided that it is time that I took the effort to make something. I thought for my first project I'd like to make something simple such as a gas mask and then move onto a pair of goggles. I really like the exhaust pipe on the mask below and would like to incorporate something similar into mine, but I have no idea where I could source the cylinder portion of the mask (the bit above the copper pipe, with the yellow label on it). I like the thin cylinder with flat top and bottom.

  • I initially looked at my local grocery store for food cans or spray bottles, but they were either the wrong size or they had curved ends.
  • I also looked online for RC mufflers, but none looked similar.


Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could locate such a piece, or possibly who I could turn to to have one fabricated?
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Are you looking for one piece like that or are you open to modifying a piece to match? I ask because I have spray cans at work around this diameter. You could always use a safety cut can opener for the ends and cut the rest to length. Those are the can openers that cut the rim off with the lid creating caps in a way.
Seem a shame to cover a pretty face ;) why not make something similar to the piece that hangs beneath a sand persons mask, (star wars)
Just an idea here: Maybe you could find some sort of plumbing parts that would match the diameter? I'm thinking the sort of pipe you sometimes find used in improvised plumbing, plus some parts to close off the cylinder. Problem, of course, is that the parts would not be metal (but there's ways to work around this). Maybe something along those lines could work.

Good luck on your search ;)
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