Mass Effect N7 WIP


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Hey, this is my first build and I'm doing the N7 armor from Mass Effect using EVA foam. Wanted to do this since I saw an awesome armor at this years Comic Con and have it done by the time ME3 comes out but it's actually going faster than planned so I'm hoping to get it done for Halloween.
Got the templates from a thread on The405th that also has videos on how to scale them Mass Effect 2 Templates Have Arrived

^Got the front torso templates cut out and assembled^

^I trace the patters onto the smooth side of the foam since it's a lot easier to see while cutting and the textured side looks just like it does in the game (double win!) Although a couple pieces are supposed to be smooth so you just trace on the textured side.^

^Got a few pieces cut out^

^Using a hot knife I got from Michaels.^

^Part of the gun cut out^

^The front torso and most of the back cut out with the gun^

^I was re-printing out all the pieces then cutting out each section of that piece to make patterns to figure out where to draw the lines should go to make the cut lines, but this took waaaay too long. So I just had my friend who's way better at drawing than me to just freehand the lines on. Came out really good I think and saved me so much time.^

^Lines drawn on and the gun pieces stacked on top of eachother^


^Cut lines on front and back torso. Leaving the back pieces kinda undone for now since I'm going to add lighting and other pieces to it later. The lines look a little wonkey because it was my first time using a dremel tool but I think once I paint them black it wont' be that noticeable^

^Hung up the templates to the stuff I've cut out already because I kept stepping on them and tearing them while they were on the floor. And it's easier to find a reference piece if I need it now.^


^To make the rifle more rigid I carved out channels in it and added metal rods I got from Home Depot.^


^Rifle all assembled. Now the long process of sanding everything until it's even using the dremel tool to carve make some of the overlapping pieces a little more uniform.
Have some other things done but haven't taken pictures yet. Will try to update every couple days. Gonna try to get my friend to help me make a duct tape mannequin tomorrow because using the heat gun then pressing the armor against me isn't going as well as I'd hoped. I'm also having a real tough time figuring out how to paint this thing. I wanted to make the armor a darker grey but can't find any paint that isn't glossy. Also tried using plasti-dip for the black lines but that didn't turn out too well. Any suggestions would be awesome.
Great work and many thanks for that link. This is a project I hope to undertake very soon in the future. If all goes to plan though I can add a special twist in though. We'll see. I'm Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite build thread right now on the RPF.
Hey just a small update for today. Made a duct tape mannequin to help mold and keep the pieces in place. Don't know if I wanna put up the pics of me completely wrapped in tape lol but this is what I went off of to make it How to Make a Duct Tape Dummy. Started filling it in tonight but will finish tomorrow. Got the rest of the templates cut out, except for the thigh piece. That is giving a lot of trouble so I might just free hand one. Decided not to spray paint the foam a darker grey since I bought 3 cans of spray paint trying to find the color I wanted. So I'm just gonna paint the black lines and sanded areas and keep the foam its standard color. Should have more done tomorrow, but I haven't really eaten all day so it's time to make chili spaghetti at midnight!lol

^Black lines and sections painted. Think it's finally starting to look good lol^

Thanks everybody!

@Panzer That sounds like it's gonna be awesome lol can't wait to see what it is.
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