Mass Effect M3 Predator build

Quail Chick

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Greetings from sunny Miami!

I'm really proud to show off my second Mass Effect gun, the M3 Predator. I made it out of MDF, craft foam, and small googley eyes. The build took 3 days and about $25. Compared to my first gun, the Carnifex hand cannon, this one is a lot cleaner. I'm still very much an novice, especially with replica firearms, but I am very happy with my skill improvement.

I have to give a big thanks to THORSSOLI, I've been using his blog as a guide for the M3. Mine's not nearly as good, but I'm still proud of it.

I was also able to make a data pad with some scrap, waiting on some orange plastic in the mail to finish it up. :)

Improvement between Carnifex and M3:


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Looks good! Amzing for only 3 days. Do you happen to have a picture of it being held by someone just for scale purposes? (or failing that... how long is it?). I'm trying to build one of these too and I have a sinking feeling I've made it too large.


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Do you happen to have any concept art of the datapad? I just need an image of the full datapad by itself but I can't seem to find any when I search. Every time I search "mass effect datapad" the results always pertain to the iOS app. I need some good images of it for a project I'm working on and I would be super thankful for any help you could throw my way. Also, keep up the good work :) that predator looks awesome!