Mangalore Grenade from Fifth Element


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Watched the Fifth Element the other night and had the itch to build something from it. The Zorg ZF-1 is too big of a project right now so I did some digging around and found the mangalore grenade on thingiverse.

I’m pretty sure someone here in the RPF modeled it.

Super fun quick build. Printed in resin and used a maglite mini for the handle as described in the build from thingiverse. Acrylic rods for lights. Painted with black high temp enamel then metalfx chrome. Spikes were done with decoart metallic blue.
Awesome! Great job! If you offer to do a run of these, put me on the list! You really nailed it! :)
Thank you! Sadly I can’t just do a run of these as it’s not my design. I did reach out to the original designer and got the go ahead to make one more for someone else.

I really only do builds for personal enjoyment. These are a pretty fun build and I know everyone doesn’t have the tools/space/materials/time to build one of their own. I’ll reach out to the original designer again and see if I can get his blessing to do a small batch (like max 5) run or at least make one more for you.

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