Man from UNCLE props - What have you got


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Hey guys,

Been going through some tapes of the Man from UNCLE. While I had seen some movie compilations of some episodes, this is my first time through, and I am grooving on the show. Much better than some of the new series being played right now.

Anyway, this got my brain in gear, and now I have to make something from the show. With that in mind, what props do people have? Pics and descriptions are always welcome...

Time to be proud and show off your treasures...



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The pics of my UNCLE Special are in a couple of other threads but I hope to expand on what I have now that I have seen what else is out there.


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I have the 2 yellow badges and the pen, along with an ID.

I am not much into the series, so if anyone wanted to buy them just let me know!