making trooper armor needed


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hey guys im currently in the process of casting a few parts of my trooper armor that i have finished, i have been using latex but the process is toooo slow, and im afraid to cast plaster in a plaster mother wut should i do .........


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Are you making a mold of some armor you already have? Or making a negative mold of a sculpt to make a buck (vacuumforming positive) from? Or are you making a negtative mold to make fiberglass castings from? I'm confused as to what you are doing.



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You should get in touch with troopermaster here.
He will give you the answers you're looking for.


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I suppose it all depends on what sculpting material you are using.If you tell us then I'm sure the experts here can help more than me.

But,I used a hot melt rubber when I first started making moulds,and had good results.The good thing about this type of rubber is than when you have made your plaster cast,you can cut up the rubber mould and remelt it to make onther :p