making some latex cyberman gloves


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As the title says, I'm making some latex cyberman gloves. I've done sculpts already, attached, and have done a plaster mold test. Came out ok, but I have to work on my 2-part mold technique.

I'd planed on doing latex gloves, but before going farther I remembered I have a friend with a latex allergy. So i was wondering if there were any recommended alternatives for people with latex allergies? Is there something for makeup/costuming that is similar to nitrile?


P.S. Sorry for mess in the photo, but pretty sure we've all been there amiright?



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Silicone is actually the best material for this, its really durable and as far as I know, there isn't a silicone allergy.

If you decide to do a run of these, I would be really interested.


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Awesome, thanks for the info. I will give it a shot with silicone. It'll be a month or so. I'm going underway for a bit and then moving. So early Sep before I can do a test cast.
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