Airbrushing latex milk

Caroline S

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So... bit confused by the forum structure, but here goes. I would like to ask the exact thing that is in the thread name. For those of you working with latex and latex milk. IS there a way to airbrush thinned and colored latex milk? Better yet, is there a way to airbrush it without getting coagulation inside the nozzle and having to clean up every 5 minutes?

Before you jump the gun. I know there are latex paints designed for airbrush, I do have a monstermakers kit of pigments and paint base. They are good for painting, but not for adding a smoothing layer on top of the plaster texture of the mold. I need to handle the latex mold and create a smooth layer on top of the slightly rough one first. Normal brush is out of the question for obvious reasons so the airbrush is my only choice.

I was thinking about the nature of the problem. There might be A a speck of coagulated latex in the base that clogs the airbrush, and B a coagulation may occur inside the airbrush when spraying. There might also be option A and B together at play.

If A is true, then strainer might help. If B, then some kind of ammonia based thinner might do the trick. I usually use a clean distilled water for thinning the latex milk to the consistency of the full fat milk airbrush is able to work with.

Anyone here has any experience in this field? Any advice on how to work this or what I am doing wrong?

Also, I do have a good quality compressor with 6L pressure can rated for 8 bar. The power of the airbrush system is sufficient. Here is a application of the technique. This is first layer, I like to do 3 to smooth the surface to perfection, and then I go with monstermakers perma-wet gloss paint over it.
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