Making functional electronics pad covers?


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I am refurbishing a weapon optic, painting it a desert tan to start. The rubber keypad is black rubber, not likely to accept paint.

Have any of you see ever made a functional replacement pad, say of Dragon Skin or similar? If so, would it be durable enough for real world use, waterproof, etc?


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I haven't tried this, but I have read that if you spray your rubber keypad with spray adhesive, followed by a layer of Plastidip, then you can paint it.

Or perhaps just dip it in Plastidip?
thought was drawing up a positive 3D master file, printing a 2 part female mold, then adding some dyed Dragon Skin or similar for the pour.

I've done some work with Dragon Skin, but never abused it enough to know how well it would hold up, or if there are better "rubbers" to use for the pour
Do you have a 3d Printer or access to one?
If you can model the part in 3D software, there are a few different options for rubber-like 3D printing.

For FDM there's TPE and TPU filaments (they're also available from Shapeways and external printing suppliers if you don't have your own machine).
For resin there's stuff like "Resione-F80" or "Monocure Pro Resin-Like" which, while tricky to print, should give decent results.

Have the benefit of easy repeatability so if they start to decay or fail over time, easy to print a new one.

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