Making a skull helmet


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OK, I don't even know where to search on this one. Here's the picture of what I want to create. It's the gold animal skull/crown/antler thing she's wearing. I imagine in the movie it would be made out of brass or something or perhaps bone. Would anyone know how to make such a thing or point me in the right direction as far as a search goes? The only thing I can think of is using paper mache lol.:lol

I'd make a wire skeleton, cover with bondo, then sand into final shape.

Someone else here might have an easier idea though...
That would work, as would sculpey I imagine.

A number of good pictures of her outfit here

I really did like WETA's idea of her using Aslan's mane as part of her outfit.
Sintra or foam. Sintra would be good to use because it can be shaped. It will also be sturdy.

Foam would also work plus it would be lightweight. Just attach it to your wig or noggin.
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