Limited Run 'Major's Thermoptic Pistol' (2017) Ghost in the Shell


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Hi Ashla,
Actually I took over Sean’s spot. However I did get your email and wrote back with my address.
Sorry I took the list from the original post, I've edited my last post to fix your name. Thank you!

Got mine today with a very nice letter that came along with it. The pistol is even nicer than the photos along the way seem to promise. Let me say sorry for any harsh words dropped by me along the way. I really want to thank Ashla. You seem to have saved the entire run from being a total loss.
I'm glad your pistol arrived safely and you're pleased with the quality :)
That's no problem, it's very understandable to feel frustrated considering the circumstance. I'm very happy this run is back on a good path again and you are getting your hands on your orders at last. John still did all the hard work, I've just helped bring it over the line at the end and I'm happy to do so.

Thank you


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My mistake, I thought it was FedEx that sends the email to you but it's when we update the PayPal order. John just updated them and put the tracking information there.
Please let me know if you didn't get an updated email from PayPal.


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I got an email with tracking number and it looks like it was just delivered while I am out at lunch. Can’t wait to get back and check it out. Thanks!

Edit: package received! It’s beautiful. Thanks for helping complete this run, Ashla!
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Hi everyone,

The last four parcels were collected today! The tracking details should have gone out to everyone from PayPal earlier today. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions.

Thank you :)


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Hi everyone,

Just for clarity's sake, here is the latest shipping updates we have from FedEx (listed by time of delivery):

  • asavage
  • RhinoActual
  • dmpsk8
  • veektohr
  • propstuf
  • foxbatkllr
  • mtrixman
  • el toro
  • coregeek

Scheduled to be delivered on Monday (according to FedEx):
  • Max Jenius
  • kevinericon
Any questions, please let me know! Thank you


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I received mine today as predicted by Ashla, I am very happy with the result and I'm glad this worked out under the circumstances. Thank you guys again for making this run and act good on your words.


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I just want to post a few pictures of the finished pistols say a few words since everyone finally has them and I'm in at least a calmer head space to talk for just a moment.

I have written letters to you all but i also want to publicly apologize to you all. For the stress and worry of what happened to the run and just not being able to provide to you all with any sort of answers.

This has been a very difficult period for me. I hit some extreme lows, and just couldn't deal anymore. You all deserved more but i honestly just couldn't face this anymore.

I want to thank my fiance for helping me get back to where i need to be, for giving me the motivation to push forward to finish and for helping you all get informed and put all this back on track to its eventual conclusion. She did so much and stood by me through even more. Thank you hunny.

To all of you who invested your money and time into me, Thank you all so so much. The weight of expectation wasn't lost on me and although a few of you were very concerned (and rightly so) you all showed a great deal of understanding given the circumstances.

While the end of all this is bittersweet, the biggest thing I'm proud of is that i managed to finish these to the a standard even i was blown away by. These pistols nearly broke me, but they will stand up there as one of the most important projects I've ever undertaken.

To close, I owe you all so much more than i can put into words. If i can say anything its that i have learned a lot, from the work, the mistakes I've made and how i go about things. If anyone is going through a rough patch, hit a point in your lives that you feel like you just can't go on anymore, talk to someone, either a family member of a professional. As alone as you may feel at your darkest, you are loved, you are valued and there are people who want to help.

Tomorrow is another day.

Thank you all.

- Jay




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Though I didn't make the run it is a fantastic looking replica and this is superbly written Jay much respect to you!

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