Magneto - X-MEN First Class


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Seen tonns of helmet threads and such, but none on his street clothes...So thought I'd have a go at recreating his leather jacket. Sorry for not going full-bore proper with a shave and hair slicked...needed the do for a con coming up.






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Nice work!! Have you managed to indentify his sunglasses yet? I thought they were Ray-Ban Wayfarers but they are quite different


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Yep, did see those and they are much closer...hey and for that kind of $$ they sure are close enough, cause I guaranty the real deals are gonna be pricey. :)


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yeah for the price they are close enough to take a chance on a few pairs, id grind down the lower edge on the legs so they are a closer match to the originals, little sand/wet sand and the plastic will be nice again.
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