Magneto Helmet Foam Build


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Hi Everyone!

I haven't made anything is about 8 months, so I have decided to jump back into EVA foam building with a smaller project. I will be making a Magneto Helmet using only EVA foam (6mm and 2mm) and trying to keep it as low cost as possible.

I was surfing Instagram and stumbled on a maker that put the templates up for free on her website (link below) and so I downloaded them and printed them off!

It is pretty close to the X-Men: First Class version of Magneto's helmet so I'm thinking I will stick to that colour scheme (silver/dark grey).

I'm super excited to get this going as the first cosplay prop I ever made was a classic red/purple Magneto helmet made out of cardboard, hot glue and paper-mache (picture below). I'm hoping this will be a great upgrade to have!
Magneto helmet.PNG

Can't wait to get started!

Please feel free to provide any tips and helpful hints!


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Awesome! I've used that template recently and can definitely advise that a heat gun helps to bend the pieces into shape :)


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Evil Ted is the best!!

Your helmet looks amazing! I'm sure she loved it :)

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I'll be posting pics soon as I'm done gluing them all together, just need to get the accent pieces

I would love to see how yours turned out, send pics if you have some !


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Hi Everyone!

As promised below are some pics of what my progress on the helmet. This is a project that could easily be done in a day but I'm just working on it one step at a time and just doing it in my spare time.

I used foam anti fatigue floor mats (6mm), contact cement, and hot glue. Tools wise I used just a box cutter, metal ruler (for cutting any straight lines) and a heat gun.


Next plan of action is to put the halves together, put on some 2mm foam for accents and then seal the whole thing with Plastidip

Update coming soon!



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Hi Everyone,

I was a little lazy for a bit but have recently jumped back on the Magneto helmet project

I glued all the pieces together with contact cement and added on the accent pieces to the front. I was going to use 2mm foam for the accent pieces but then last minute decided to use the same 6mm foam. The plan is to use my dremel to smooth and angle out the edges which I wouldn't really be able to do with the 2mm foam.

The white stuff is kwik seal - I used this to fill in the seams (there are a lot of them with this template) by placing a good amount on and then using some water and my fingers to just blend it in to any seams as well as any "bubbles" in the foam. I did that process twice over, and I might do it one more time.

Here are some pics :)




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Looking good. It looks very symmetrical which I find is always the most difficult part of these. Good show!