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Helmet on:




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The new helmet looks amazing. More symmetrical, and like you said, the fit on this one is much better. Great job. Looking forward to seeing the next steps. You should cast it and sell copies! I'd be interested.
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Making the mold right now. Crest has been molded. I'm battling with air bubbles issues, but I think I've got it figured out. Mold of the helmet should be ready tomorrow night or tuesday morning. And there's an interest thread in the JY for this helmet ;)
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Its looking great man:).. Cant wait to see it all painted up and lookin its best!
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Sweeeeeeet:D...Nice work shop you got there. The emblem came out great. Hurry up and paint it:p haha
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as for the colors, I shall use the red I used in my iron man helmet build and I'm still looking for a decent purple/violet.
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So here we have the first color try for the end-game helmet. I think we're there.


This a cast that I had to waste, so please, DO NOT LOOK at the paint job ahahha, just tell me if the color looks good to you ;) Thanks guys!
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I've tried a dark grey for the SHAW color scheme but I'm gonna try to make it a little lighter and with the black shadows right where they are (close to the trim).

The helmet fits a 24'' without problems.

here's a pic of the grey I've used but I'm gonna make it lighter.


here's a pic of the grey and the silver.


Please keep in mind that I've tried the painting on a waste-helmet and that I did not mask it well. I had to make the tries in order to understand what colors I had to order.

AS for the end-game I'm gonna use the same color I'll use for my Iron Man Helmets. The last picture I've seen on here made me think they're about the same.
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Yeh sure looks like that iron man paint will do it:).. Looks great with some colour. I actually really like the solid gunmetal silver on its own:p
I like the shaw color scheme! that's my request. Did you ever quote the price for the helmet, shipping, and painting? Amazing job. Thanks for sharing your progress with us.
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Wicked job. Like the helmet idea. I did the same thing with a daft punk helmet but i used a basebal helmet. Keep the great job.
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That is truly MARVELous! Has anyone ever tried to make one of these out of a Spartan helmet or anything of that nature? Wonder how that would turn out.
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