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Jay, it is, stumbled across that few days ago. That HD video really helps.
Basic shape is now almost done. This helmet is completely different from my first.
Right now the back sits just 1 cm from my neck and also the shape really makes me feel good about this helmet.

What do you mean for "trim laying about"? I have a template I made for the front "ornaments" as I call them (mistaking I'm sure ahhaha)- I've done many comparison from different viewing angles with photoshop and I'm really satysfied with it.

Tomorrow morning I'll sand the helmet and see if any more changes need to be done.
If that's good, I'll proceed attaching the sintra ornaments ;)

Where's your helmet thread Jay?

Thanks Fifth :D
Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

That HD scene is great because you can move it frame by frame:) Im guessing we can expect progress pics soon?

Trim=ornaments...I actually dont know what the proper name is lol. And yeh the template would be what im looking for. I used the film to get pretty accurate measurements of the helmet(based on fassbender's height and distance of his pupils). I'd just like to compare them against what you have:)

I find photoshop and overlaying images can be abit hit or miss as the slightest misjudgement in camera angle or height can mess up the alignment between both images....Its so frustrating!:p

This is my thread..i gotta add an update this wkend:)
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Looks great! I am digging all the Magneto builds going on! Great job on the bevels using the bondo, great idea! It's such a deceptively simple helmet, then all those details pop up! Great job so far!
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Ok, I skipped all the pics of the new WIP, since it was just really close to the former.
This is where I am now:






The helmet on the left is the old one, after I tried to give it the correct shape.
The helmet on the right is the one I believe has the right shape and proportions ;)
The low ends of the cheeks will be farther apart once the helmet is ready to mold.
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Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

Get those bevels on!:)... How long is the line from the tip by the eye down to the end?

And it looks class:D
Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

hahaha yep.. Good, mine is at 12.2cm :D... i'll pm u more questions. Oh what do you think about doing a 3D model of it?
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well yeh I'd do all the 3D modelling:)..i'd just need dimensions to compare against my own and see what works best..... u dont have to do much:p
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Here we go.
While I'm waiting to finish the detailing of the helmet I've started the crest:

this the sintra mockup:




and here's a comparison with's crest:

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Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

I have one of GK's first ironmman helmets. You sir are a true master of symmetry!!:) this is looking great!!:) looking forward to get a copy once this is all done..:)
Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

awesome work - agree with others, great work on the symmetry. I was thinking of building this helmet as I thought it would be reasonably "easy" I am now having second thoughts...
Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

ITS ABOUT TIME! :p.. looking fantastic man:) I'd love to buy all the magneto versions on here and see all the differences haha

You cant tell much of a difference between these


Re: Magneto Helmet X-Men First Class

Perfect!!:) as always GK!:) btw just finished the iron man helmet I got from you from your first run.. Excellent work!:)
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