Comic-inspired Magneto Helmet Build


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I have wanted a Magneto helmet my entire life, and this is my third attempt to build one — I tried to paper mache on in high school and tried to scratch build and cast one. I'm hoping I actually have luck finishing it this time.

This is my first model I've ever made in Fusion360, I'm pretty proud of it.

Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 4.13.11 PM.png

Only one part off the printer so far, I'm hoping to have the other four and have this glued and pinned together by the end of the weekend.

Two more parts — hot off the press and painter's taped together!


(also pictured on my workbench, Soldier Boy and Kylo Ren lol)

I'm happy with the size of this, just need to get the back half to make sure it fits on my head and then I get to expoy it all together.
I'm glad someone is interested in this! Just for you I'll go ahead and upload the files for the helmet and the crest separately, I'll still need to take some time later and upload a split version for people like me with small printers.
I'm glad someone is interested in this! Just for you I'll go ahead and upload the files for the helmet and the crest separately, I'll still need to take some time later and upload a split version for people like me with small printers.
It is great work! I like the look of your helmet over my old one


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Yours is like the First Class X-Men movies, that's actually the one I tried to make 8 (!!) years ago.
It was the first thing I ever tried to make a mold of, and I did a hilariously thin amount of silicone. In the first photos that's actually it sitting between the sculpt and the mold jacket. I tried to cast it anyways and it was hella lumpy.

I used to really like the look of that one, but working on this one I wanted mine to be more like the early runs of the comics and/or the 90s tv show. Plus doing the bits around the eyes it finally dawned on me, after a lifetime of seeing this helmet, that the eye bits resemble an electromagnetic field.

Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 8.51.41 PM.pngScreen Shot 2022-11-04 at 8.51.50 PM.png
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Glued together today and started smoothing print lines a bit. I wasn’t going to use XTC3d this early but the helmet rolled off my work bench and cracked… so now it’s been epoxied back together and has my heavy lawnmower battery sitting on it over night to hold it down while it dries.
I’m still working on smoothing out the main helmet, but I did redesign and reprint the crest. It wraps around the helmet a bit more, which is a little hard to tell in the photos.


Testing out some gold filament for something Elden Ring related I’m hoping the print and leave as a raw print in the next few weeks.
I tore off a chunk of the outside wall of the 3d print while orbital sanding today, near where I had to fuse parts together. Is there some reason this happens on my prints, maybe a setting I can change in my slicer or something? Other than that, the rest is getting close to smooth enough to call done. I need to figure out how I’m going to paint the final two colors.
The crest is coming together. I thought it would be cool to make parts of this actually magnetic, but I misunderstood how this paint works. This is just paint with metal in it, so magnets will stick to it (kind of…), but it isn’t actually magnetized itself. So much for being able to stick paper clips to the crest, lol.

I’m going to attach it to the helmet with some screws. I left hexagonal voids in the back of the print, covered the bolts in Vaseline before treading nuts onto them, then flooded the entire thing with super glue. The Vaseline kept the hardware from getting glued together and then I was able to sand everything smooth after unscrewing them. It all worked pretty great actually.


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I’m getting really close to final smoothness on the dome, and the crest is nearly finished with sanding as well.

I plan to weather this fairly heavily, lots of textures and gouges. Is anyone interesting in a mold/cast of a clean version of this before I mess it up? Fair warning, it’ll be a while (summer, potentially) before I can ship anything.


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A couple shots of the final Duolicolor chrome base coat. The crest smoothed out a LOT after another layer, I’m hoping tomorrow the rest of the helmet will do the same so I don’t have to polish anything. In the first photo you can see the red and purple colors I have picked out in the background, currently in the spoon painting phase to make sure I like how everything looks.


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Painting some spoons trying to figure out the final color scheme here. I’m between one (slightly easier with the paints I have) and three (the hardest as far as painting/masking).

I know I said I was going to do a lot of weathering but I think I’m actually going to keep this one fairly pristine for now.

Duplicolor metal cast over the top of Duplicolor chrome did not work, like AT ALL. Back to sanding I guess…

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