magic of myth Executor (a question)

lonnie sweet

New Member
For those of you who have seen it, are the panel lines on the main hull scribed or drawn on? I can't tell by the pictures, they appear to be scribed, but I want to know for sure. Anyone else have any pics of the ventral fantail that are clearer than what's on the net?



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I saw it in Houston a couple of years ago. The panel lines are drawn on with a mechanical pencil and a straight edge. I was surprised but I guess it looks o.k. on film.

Jedi Dade

Master Member
They were also drawn onto the 8 foor SD model crated for ESB... So doing that for the Executor does not surprise me at all...

Jedi Dade


Master Member
Lonnie sadly passed away during the eight years it took to have his question answered.

RIP, Lonnie. :cry

This is a joke.
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