M14 Pulse Rifle Kit


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I'd like to build a M14 pulse rifle from a kit. This would be my first prop build, but I don't have access to any kind of machinery. Every kit that I find is out of stock or the webpage is gone. I did find this on evike, but it looks like its already pre-built. Any recommendations on a kit that I could buy and assemble? Thanks!

Welcome to the RPF constux. your question is a little more complicated than buy and build. what exactly are you looking for. a resin kit? other than that you may need a bit more research.
spatcave for a resin one. If you want to piece together a kit from other sources it kinda depends on how accurate you want to get.

Just go full hog and build a full steel live fire version.
Thanks, I should of been more descriptive. Yes, thats exactly what I'm looking for. Just wondering, it says the trigger and the LED work, but on the website it states to choose an LED #. Does it stay static on that number or does pulling the trigger do a countdown?

Has anyone bought the airsoft version? What do you think of it? I'm not going to go shooting around in a forest anytime soon and its probably going to hang on the wall most of the time. So, the spat is probably better for me.
The LED counter is static, so you pick a number and that's what it displays. You could get a different electronics kit to put in it though.
I have the airsoft,sweet bit of kit,nice weight,counter counts down and reset when you put the mag in,pump pumps and shows a shell(not screen accurate),i like it,but then i like airsoft guns
For more accuracy , as far as a resin kit goes , SPATCAVE cant be beat...plus that resin kit can get upgrade metal parts off Ebay, that can work to add more realism.....its very woth it, if that is indeed what you are seeking to accomplish
I also have the airsoft. It's pretty good for the money, evike usually has it on sale for cheap. Like others on here I did some mods like dremeling out the vents on the SPAS cage, repainting it, adding sling mounts for a noble sling. Stuff like that and it turns into a pretty good looker.

Plenty of threads on it around here, just look around.
And you can always replace the shotgun shell for a grenade replica if you get the airsoft. I have the spat kit though and it's a fun kit to build up. Easy to modify as well to make it a bit more accurate if you want to take the time.
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