M-31 Firefox, scale plane replica


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Gone but not forgotten.
OK SMARTY PANTS, are you going
to tell us WHEN we can get this kit or
are you going to just TEASE US ..... :p :p :p

Don't MAKE us come to your house .

:lol :lol :lol


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My sculpts for the Firefox arrived today, very, very, nice in my opinion. My friend and miniature figure sculpter, Masao, did these for me. He even did a separate visor sculpt for the seated Gant...this should be fun to mold :)
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Ha. I wasn't expecting to see a mini-Mitchell too.
You really are spoiling us :)
Will, I have to support the idea of a signup list, even at this early stage, you WILL have some guarenteed takers...


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a little update yet again! These are the master patterns for the exhaust nozzel surrounds that the cast nozzels will drop into. These will glue right to the back of the master pattern and be molded in on the final tooling..
Enjoy da pics!
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Arrr..... ugghhh...hmmm...

Why the heck does this project took so long ?
Finish it already .......... :angry :angry :D


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another update!
here are a few pics of the new casted and primered engine nozzel shrouds. These will be detailed with .010 styrene strips to the inside of the shroud closest to the centerline of the plane fuselage. Once i have the styrene strip in place, I'll attche these to the fuselage pattern.

Getting close to scribing time...this will be a fun job :)
Enjoy the pics!
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:love I so know I will want at least 2 of these :eek:ohlala bill you better take a break and let me take over for a lil will :p I think this will be the crown jewel in my vast model collection......please keep us up dated,



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Originally posted by Firefoxm31@Jun 19 2005, 03:51 PM
that's not a teaser  this is  :)

thanks wackychimp

Ok that's it dude, we gave you plenty of time to complete it. Now we are going to your house :D :D
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