LoTR diorama question


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I found a pack of those mini "Armies of Middle Earth" figures that contains the whole fellowship. These are about 2" tall, and the Hobbits and Gimli are in scale. I figured these would make a great mini diorama...with a little reposing and repainting.

The scene I had in mind- when they inguage in battle in Balin's tomb with the Moria orc horde.

My question- I don't have a cave troll, so I was thinking of doing the scene right when the orcs are trying to break the doors down, and the fellowship stands at the ready, with bows/arrow/swords drawn. Do you think this is a dynamic enough scene to put into a diorama?
It seems it would be better if I had them all fighting, and somehow try to sculpt a cave troll to make the scene complete.



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Dropship - Games Workshop makes a Cave Troll that should be in scale w/ your minis. They make a couple of poses if I remember correctly....

Cave Troll