Lost Hunter Borg. Finished Page2 14/04/12

Well i am calling him finished. :)

Photos are taken outside in bright sunlight, which makes the greens seem greener than they actually look indoors. ( if that makes sense )

Something i did not mention before ( as i could not really see it prior to it being top coated. ) I tried spraying the different shades of green from different angles all over the front of the head/crown.
the 1st layer i did spraying up, the next going down, then i went from the left and finally right, my theory was..... that due to the heavy details on the mask, when you looked at it from different angles it would show all sorts of different greens etc, now im not sure if my eyes WANT to see this , or it actually worked, but i thought i would mention it anyway .

anyhoo, sorry for my poor photography skills.

heres him done.





Difficult to know what to say. Everybody says awesome, cool, fantastic, yer best work yet etc.
Thing is... It is awesome. So... AWESOME!
Pissed off pit bull looking pred thats ready to bite looking mother f'
I'd like to see a shot with him looking up a bit.

Thanks guys.

I definately try to paint them looking mean and dirty, as i try to sculpt some agression into the masks, so fitting that i try to add to that with the ink. ( stress try )

Thats all from me for now with lost hunters, im back fully on my P1 suit for the foreseeable. Who knows, as soon as i reclaim my clay from the legs, i may start a new sculpt.
Wow, just fantastic. I have loved seeing all of your lost hunter mask, they look so awesome! You are an exrtremly talented soul, like many others here. Great job, simply great Lee.
Thanks guys.

Naa Lee hes gota be sold dude, no room at present until i get my own place. which hopefully wont be in the UK.
I know you hear me say it all the time and you must get sick of it, but Lee, this is awesome. Your talent is amazing. Well done good sir!
shithouse!......so we gotts to wait till he's with his new owner to get to see him fully finished.

Can someone hurry up and purchase this mask please!
kmishima17 said:
Whats up bro do you want to sell the borg predator mask and if so how much do you want to sell it

kmishima17 said:
Whats up bro do you want to sell the borg predator mask and if so how much do you want to sell it

It is not for sale or it would be in the for sale section. i can make these, but any sales are done via pm or in the FOR SALE section.  

please keep sales off the main forum.

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