Lost Hunter Borg. Finished Page2 14/04/12

Looks very bad ass. Your paint ups never stop impressing me. I always really loved the borgs color scheme, very unique.

Ive actually gone and done the main head pattern now, but i do not have photos yet. ill wait till ive finished the forehead before i post them.
loved the first version you did of this lee, and liking this one alot, its just one of those masks/paintups that you dont see being done at all..

look forward to seeing the updates.
I am actually not surprised, green is not really a popular colour, but does make a unique Pred.

Just finished my dinner, i may go finish the forehead in a hour or so, i shall post pictures if i do.
Well that actually took longer than expected..........

After i tweaked the pattern several times, I ended up going back in with several more shades of green, i wanted it to be more shadowy and shadey that it was.

oh well.

Pretty much done now apart from teeth and top coat.




Another kickass paintjob, you def have some good control to freehand those patterns. I def have a lot to learn from good artists like you buddy. :)
Just wow! I have said it once and gladly say it again, you have some simply amazing talent! I could only dream of being that good.
I think the chest armour was also used in THE VINDICATOR. so like alot of stuff in hollywood , it got reused.

I mean even Blaines minigun got reused in Terminator 2 didnt it.
lol, it aint all that

I am pretty pleased with it though, i tried to make the greens and reds look natrual, by fading them at the edges etc. i think it worked ok, but i guess the test will be when it is top coated.

should be able to install the teeth and top coat him at the weekend.
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