Looking for sources to match the blue uniforms on the New Republic Security forces.


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Hello! I was pointed to hear from Reddit, I was looking for help on dressing up like the New Republic Security from the new Ashoka show, I really like the blue uniform!

can anyone here help me out?
Looks like a standard Imp top but in blue with matching slacks.
New Republic patch on left shoulder.

White shoes and accessories.

New Republic Security Forces.jpg
Mando S1 Prison ship guards.

tunic 1.jpg
tunic 2.jpg

Interesting to note that the prison ship security badges have red and yellow pips where all the others appear to have red and blue.
The flap on the tunic is also smaller than the other more Imperial style the others have.

S3 Coruscant Security.
The shipyard guards are wearing jumpsuits.
Coruscant Security.jpg
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Wow team! Thanks for the reference photos! I am trying to source the uniform/jumpsuit now. Any leads on that yet?
thanks everyone
Not seeing anything in searches.

Unless you want to wait and see if anyone will be offering the outfit at a later time you may have to commission one or make it yourself.

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