Looking for help from Photoshop experts.

Pat Za Ponor

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I'm making a hoverboard from scratch and it's coming along well, but I don't have enough computer expertise to print out the hoverboard decals in the right size.

I was hoping someone could take the image below and

1)Divide the top decal and bottom decal into two different files.

2)Remove all of the pink so the only images in the files are what falls within the board outline.

3)Size the files so that the board outlines will print out at 7 5/8 inches wide and 27 3/4 inches long.

Thanks so much for the help. :)

EDIT: The original pdf can be found in the last post of this thread.


A converted jpeg file can be downloaded here:



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not to sound like an, erm.... butthole, but the graphics you want would help quite a bit lol, unless your referring to the smilyface graphic

i can do it, just hit me up with the graphics

Pat Za Ponor

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Sorry about that Stormer. I couldn't get the image to load. There is a link there now if you want to take a look. I also have the image if you want me to send it to you. Thanks though, I appreciate it.

Pat Za Ponor

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HA. I'm such a bonehead. I thought you were just offering some neighbourly advice on where I could host the original file.
Thanks for doing this for me Ramiel. It looks really good. I'm anxious to print them out to see how they physically look.

Thanks again. :)


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I just want to be sure I have uploaded correctly, it was a 5/10 minutes of work, no more, so I hope to see them on your hoverboard soon, ok?;)