Looking for help with a Witches hand ?


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Hi all please help!

wonder if you can help, I'm creating a prop set for a witch as in 1600s, trying to find a good severed hand that is capable of holding something, been looking on thingy-verse, and other 3D print sites and not been very successful in finding what I'm looking for. so asking you all for help.

I'm looking for a decayed yet not decayed life size hand no finger nails sort of a cross between a mummy and zombie, partly skeletal looks like its been decaying slowly since the 1600s, can be either for a Resin or FDM printer I have a Elegoo Saturn S, Creality Ender 3 Pro, and an Ender 2 Pro, so i can then make a Resin cast, or if anyone has any ideas to make one from scratch let me know. I've been looking for a few months now on and off with no luck. one with severed fleshy base would be good but I could mount it on a base if needs be.

Thanks in advance.
Not sure on the orientation that you are looking for when you mentioned holding something. This may serve as starting point for casting or scanning if a horizontal orientation is possible.
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