looking for a real obsure prop or kinda prop

Bad Wolf

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hi all.
this is one for the ol' timers out there.
back in the late 70s / early 80s...or thereabouts ...there was a company (can't recall the name) making custom blasters.
the blasters were aluminum with an acrylic core in the barrel frame.
the core had copper wire inside it and would make different color / patterns of light when you pulled the trigger.
you could get accessories for the basic pistol...... trigger guard, scopes, different cores for different fx and i think even a shoulder stock.

WY BACK a member posted some pics of these blasters but i can't for the life of me remember who.

if you know who produced these or if that member with the pics is still here i'd really appreciate any info.

thanks in advance :)
That sounds like some of the later models from the defunct Isher Artifacts, they started out selling plexiglass & ABS plastic guns at science fiction conventions. They later sold more elaborate models like you asked about. They quit, or went out of business years ago, and their web site (Isher Artifacts home page) only has the entrance page. I believe that conventions fascist weapons policies may have had something to do with their demise. If people can't carry them around a con, then people aren't going to buy them.
thanks for the info guys.
much appreciated.

i recall Isher.
have a few of their pieces.
not sure the ones i'm looking for were done by them though.
only because i've never found a pic online while doing an Isher Artifacts image search.

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