Looking for a convection oven for baking foam latex

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  1. tmatelski

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    Does anyone know where to get a decent priced convection oven for baking foam latex. Any info is much appreciate!
  2. pitchforknumb

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    I rigged up my own foam latex/spray booth out of a 5 piece box that was used to shipped vaccines with. The nice thing about this is that it comes pre-insulated so no need to add insulation foam or anything like that. For the heating element, I canabalised a toaster oven and kept all of the control panel in tact so I could use that for temperature adjustment and all of that good stuff. Here are a few pictures of what it looks like. I will be buying some insulation foam to close up the front portion of it soon.
    IMG_20150624_185106791.jpg IMG_20150624_185052825.jpg

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    I got my oven from K-Mart. A Hamilton for $99.
  4. clonesix

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    Most people make their own s described above. A cheap toaster oven from the thrift store and a sheet of foil-covered insulation t make the box, is all you need.
    You steal the heating element, and the thermistor (Temp Control) out of the oven and attach them to the new box. Add a thermometer, and a fan, and you're in business.

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