Lifesize Skyrim style banners/flags?


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Hey all,

I am on the hunt for a hanging banner/flag on fabric or canvas material for a set i am planning on doing. (attached an idea)

I can't find any online and just wondering does anyone know of where to get these custom done (if need be I will do it myself but just
time is one thing i lack)

Thanks all!


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Well, if you're planning for a replication then I would probably suggest a medium "fine" canvas, as that will allow you to either use an Acrylic, or a fabric paint that will show detail, while still having a good texture. For the banner frame itself, a combination of either EVA and PVC, Wood, or Wood PVC would suffice for accuracy.

Using PVC would cause more time for creating a wood grain texture, so if you have the resources to craft, sand and glue/screw together that post you would want to go with PVC.

What kind of set are you building?


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Thanks BlackJack,

I think I will be going with the self made route at this stage, I am recreating a skyrim set along with my armor and other items so thought the banners would be a nice touch to really bring it to life. I will probably use a burlap type material as a rough canvas and do a medium and then a smoother banner to see which looks the best when weathered (plus will go well at home for my skyrim props)

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