Old Run Purchase Hunt: Prometheus-Style Weyland Nameplate Patch?


Sr Member
Heya friends, on a bit of a hunt here and was wondering if anyone could help.

About eight to ten years ago I bought a replica patch via a run thread on the forum, a custom Weyland nameplate similar to the ones we see in Prometheus.

I’m trying to find the original seller / creator, but I’m having no luck! I searched my email and rpf inbox extensively, my old posts and couldn’t turn up any info on the purchase.

Anyone recognize the patch or also purchased from the run? Would love to get in touch with the guy who made these for us!


If you can't find the original patch seller hit me up. I know a guy who is in the replica patch business (Stitches Loft) and he could do a run of these for you. His patch maker does excellent and I often do the artwork for him and the results are always top notch. He mainly deals in Stargate patches but he does do custom patches when he can be guaranteed a certain minimum run.

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