Lets see your SS X-wing paint schemes

Lynn TXP 0369

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Lets see your SS X-wing paint schemes.

I've got a CC X-wing kit on the way and I want to decide on what Red # I want to paint, all I know is I don't want to do Red 5.

I have seen a couple here but I would like to see some different ones from different people.

I would like to see some referance pics and kit builds ups for Red 1,2,3,4, and 6.
You can through in Red 5 as well as it will give me some weathering ideas and such.

I just want to do different fighter then Lukes Red 5.



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Here is Red 2 I built and painted for a board member




Lynn TXP 0369

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Looking good guys!!
I've painted a couple Ertl X-wings that came out pretty nice, but I thought about getting the Fine molds to try it as well.
I'll probabl;y use the same methods on my CC X-wing..

This kit will look kit butt next to some ones SS TIE..

I know more of you guys got them.....
Keep the pics coming!!!!



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The carpet in that second piciture looks like a high-altitude shot over the Death Star (minus the shadow). Nice X-wing!

Naked Brain

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Here's mine... I finished a little over a year ago. It's red 4, but I didn't use any studio scale references for the painting and weathering; I liked the paint scheme on the 4 footer built for RTJ, so I tried to emulate that a bit. Just wanted it to look realistic...

Scratched the little targeting scope and added a whole lot of other detail to the intakes and cockpit.



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