Lets have a little fun with a table full of GUNS

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by Noeland, Jan 23, 2006.

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    OK, how is everyone on this FINE monday morning? (insert your monday morning jokes here)

    I am home, recovering from back surgery and I am bored. I'm to the point where the pain meds are not needed, but I still can't walk 100%. But I can post dammit... ;)

    I am also interested in having some fun. A little CONTEST...

    Recently I took my brothers comic book HELL FOR HIRE (which is unpublished, he's still writing and drawing it) and for his birthday I took a bunch of my friends in Tampa (my brother is in DETROIT) and asked them if they would help me make a film trailer based on my brothers comic book. We've all shot quite a few films together now, so they were all very willing to come out and have fun with fake blood and blanks.

    The whole thing was done without my brother knowing it, and the whole idea was, he'd fly down here for his birthday and I'd pop in the DVD to show him something I was working on, and low and behold, it would be his birthday present. :)

    It went well. He loved it.

    For filming, we turned my backyard into a graveyard, and my house into a last stand for survivors of the zombie onslaught.. OK, so there were no real survivors, but we did film some cool zombie shootout stuff.

    In the filming of this, I turned my round kitchen table into an armory, and this is where the contest comes from.

    We filmed the lead character, Sonny Sanchez, loading up for the slaughter.

    Here is your hint, I loaded the table up with real and not real guns, and the catch is, I need to know which guns are real, and which are obviously not, otherwise, just tell me what the guns are.

    The first poster to correctly list what is in this photo, on this table, and beyond, will win a static resin smith and wesson m36 vasques kit, a DVD copy of all 3 of the trailers we cut, and I'll probably do an original sketch for them too, and if I can get my brother to do one, we'll include that too.

    By the way, I am not selling these m36 kits to the public, just making a few for friends, and would like to share one with the group, and have a little fun.

    After the lot is guessed correctly I will post a well lit shot (this is how it was lit in the film) and eventually I may post one of the three trailers.

    OK, is this post long enough yet????


    Feel free to use and abuse this photo, and repost it however you need to to win.

    MODS - I read through the rules and did not see anything against an informal little contest liek this, if I am breaking the rules, or you feel this needs to be moved, please LMK.

    Thanks everyone,

    ps- I resevr the right to make mistakes in this post, and revise that mistake later. :)
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    Wow. That's a lot of guns. Are you sure you're not a militia member in Montana? :p

    I wish I were a gun nut so I would stand some sort of chance in this, but I guess I'll just wish good luck to everyone else. :thumbsup

    Hope your recovery period finishes fast Noeland.

  3. Axlotl

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    I call "fake" on the Peacemaker. :D
  4. Dann


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    I see an airsoft hi-capa, a possibly airsoft usp, a kimber? and the guns on the left and right of what i think is a kimber look real to me. .45 based maybe, but i'm not sure what they are.

    I've edited your pic, but i have no photo hosting.
  5. tommin

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    That is the small arsenal that I loaned you the other day. Do I win? :p
  6. tain669

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    Hi Noeland.That is a nice collection you have there.Are they all airsolt or are some real? I'm not going to guess because the way they build them these days you can't tell them apart.
  7. CMANavy

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    Does it not count if you cant see the guns on the edges?

    As for them all, Sissy revolver, sissy 1911's and some other sissy guns too. How can you have a table full of guns and NOT ONE GLOCK?.?.? :D

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