Legends Memorabilia Andromeda Auctions

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Drom Fans!

Legends Memorabilia will be auctioning-off all of their remaining Andromeda inventory. They still have a large selection of props and costumes, including High Guard uniforms and items from the main characters.

Here is a link to Legends Auction Site. It all begins Monday, March 8th @ 6pm.

Legends Andromeda Auctions

Let's Bring It!

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I always felt that Legends did auctions right. In fact that they didn't want to do the BSG auctions was the reason I started Propworx. I refused to deal with It's a Wrap after Star Trek. And they were who we beat out.

I will take a look at these auctions to see what they might have. Thanks for the heads up Dave!



I always felt that Legends did auctions right.

They did it right with the quality of their listings, but the small quantities and slow trickle of sporadic listings really turned me off. The fact that they still seem to have a lot of Andromeda items after around 5 years is proof of that. I remember several times being annoyed because items I really wanted were just thrown up for auction with little or no advance notice, at seemingly random times of the year, and I'd often find out about the listings only after the item I wanted had been sold for half what I would've paid for it.

I know Legends always writes about how they're a small "family run" business, but in all these years they had the chance to expand enough to really do justice to properties with large inventories like Andromeda and instead chose to stay too small or too complacent to really do things right. As the saying goes, "go big or go home." If they had taken on Battlestar Galactica, instead of Propworx's efficient handling we'd still have trickles of BSG auctions through 2015.

I bought some nice Andromeda wardrobe from Legends almost 5 years ago. While I'm grateful for that, they really are a dinosaur and since they weren't willing to grow and evolve I'm glad they're getting out of the prop-and-wardrobe business. Now, if only we could get It's A Wrap to improve or die...
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