Leather "stripping" and re-staining question

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by Evilboy, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Evilboy

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    I bought a pair of white leather TK Boots, and I need to dye them black. I bought Fiebing's USMC Black dye and Eco-Flo Supersheen from Tandy, but how do I strip the color from the boots? Is it ok to just use sandpaper, or is there some other recommended method?
  2. MaulWalker

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    Fiebing's makes a stripper - you can get it at Tandy Leather. Alternatively, get acetone from a home improvement store.

  3. BornKilr

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    I don't know what kind of finish the boots have now, but I had a leather jacket that was a kinda 70's porno brown color with a semi gloss finish. I was told from Tandy it couldn't be re-dyed at home. But since I wasn't going to wear it as is, I took a chance with the USMC black and it dyed great with no pre-work. Its has faded a little in the last 5 years, but I just put another coat on and its as good as new.
  4. Evilboy

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    They are the white stormtrooper boots, and I need to dye them black...
  5. Darth Mule

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    It depends on the leather. Also if it is real leather and not pleather. If it's real leather, you don't need to strip the paint, you just need to break down the surface with acetone. Then it should take dye. there are a few circumstances where a real leather won't take a dye, but the likelihood of this happening with shoes is slim.
    If they are pleather, you will either need to paint them, or use a permanent marker. I'd suggest the big, fat Magnum marker. They are a little less purple-y than the Sharpies, and a lot larger marking surface. Then you shoe polish over them to knock down the marker tone.
  6. superDrool

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    Is the finish a high gloss/smooth or does it seem there pores? I ask, because you can dye it without stripping depending on the finish.
  7. Evilboy

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    It is a very nice, smooth finish. There is no staining this as is.
  8. the_batdemon

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    They sound like either patent leather or "pleather" either way they might have a plastic coating. Either way, follow Darth Mule's suggestions; de-glaze to knock down the surface coating and use an appropriate dye or vinyl/plastic paint.
  9. terryr

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    Put baby oil on it to test. If it soaks in it is leather, if not, plastic.
  10. das 1

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    Hi my brother used to make us pattern saddles to strip the finish off he used a mold solution of oxcylic acid or occasionally trichoethelene (sorry about my spelling) but as the oxcylic is a controlled substance it might be hard to get but trico is n industrial degreaser and stripper used in engineering .

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