lathe question

cayman shen

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I can't afford a metal lathe, so I had the bright (?) idea of using a wood lathe to turn delrin or acrylic or what have you, then maybe chroming or airbrushing the metallic bits.

1) is this a stupid idea?

2) are there any inexpensive lathes with tool rests/accurate tool movement that anyone's used?

3) what kind of tools would I be looking at to start turning?

I've looked around, but I figured someone here would know the best option, or a good one at least.


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Will not work.

A wood lathe can not hold parts and has no tool holder for cutting tools.

You could really get hurt trying this, please do not.


cayman shen

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Thanks for warning me off before I blew a lot of money and lost an eye or something. I could have sworn someone said you can turn plastic on a wood lathe, but no? Oh well