Lady on a Train (1945) "The Case of the Headless Bride" novel. Anyone ever do a replica?

Awesome stuff Rafal!

I was reading recently about some other AI for photos thing recently. Will have to check out my history on another laptop, but I remember thinking that I need to send the link to you.

I think this video might be about what I was meant to send to you

Thanks for the kind words, Odin. I did some small changes to the photo (removed some small scratches I missed and did a bit of color correction to the face), so download it again.

While that video was interesting, it was really hard to watch it accompanied with that voice... So far I'm pretty pleased with Topaz Photo AI, but I'm open for other methods too.
Here's my fake book with a design for the hardcover and the 1st page:
Headless Bride Book Hard Cover.png Headless Bride Book 1st Page.png

The hardcover print is around 356 x 240 mm, while the 1st page is 145 x 200 mm.

Photos of the book:
20240104_130030.jpg 20240104_130036.jpg 20240104_130043.jpg 20240104_130053.jpg 20240104_130112.jpg 20240104_130129.jpg 20240104_130151.jpg 20240104_130158.jpg 20240104_130207.jpg

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