Kylo Ren Lightsaber Hilt

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    Here's my submission in the "post your 3D printed Kylo Ren lightsaber hilt" competition. :)

    This is, of course, using the file that's been floating around.


    What's different with mine, is that I didn't like the way the end cap looked. This is based on the prop that was shown at the Star Wars Celebration and no one could see the bottom. So I designed and printed an end cap that I thought was representative of the overall style. I think it looks much more complete even though it's not technically canon.


    Painting was basically a process of Flat Black, dusting of metallic silver, detail paint, and then a two part process of oxidizing metal paint. What looks like rust on this piece is ACTUAL rust.


    Here's the pic from Celebration for reference.



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    Will you be selling themor the file

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