Kylo Ren Helmet Foam Build WIP


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So I decided to try my hand at building the Kylo Ren helmet using foam and a pepakura file made by Rundown. I have the full helmet built, I still need to seal it and sand down some rough spots and then prime and paint it. I didn't change the scale of the file so this first helmet is huge, especially for me (only 5'8") so I'm gonna scale it down 20% and reprint it. I plan to finish this one too though and probably sell it.

11350611_10154010604780021_6999678898254209493_n.jpg 19605_10154010604560021_8794641273728004479_n.jpg 10384916_10154010604585021_1695171083494225963_n.jpg 11252492_10154010604720021_5878881077097397256_n.jpg
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