KYLO REN Costume (8 EXHIBITION Images)

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    Some pics posted on from Celebration of the Kylo Ren costume.

    Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-104.jpg Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-106.jpg
    Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-105.jpg Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-107.jpg
    Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-096.jpg Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-097.jpg Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-098.jpg Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-100.jpg
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    I really like how monastic it looks. I know that sounds dumb, because the Jedi costumes are all basically monks' robes, but there's something stately about this, yet simple, that suggests warrior monk in a very specific way to me. Something in the silhouette.
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    Beautiful costume!! Haven't been so excited to do a new costume in ages.
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    Forreal! it's beautifully crafted, this is totally one of my most anticipated costumes to build

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