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many years agos i tried to buy a frank the bunny costume from ut no luck for some reason . I endend up buying frnk the bunn costume off ebay from a guy who bought it from kreationx .Dont get me wrong it was a great scary looking costume. The problem I sold it to a friend but I wasnt able to breath wearing the mmask plus the hair on the costume made me sneeze and itch and it was not very pleasent. So yea if you look for frank the bunny on flicr search you will see another frank the bunny at dragoncon back in 2007 or was it 2006 some time around there byt why do some fur itch some dont what kind of fur ws that anybody know
IT was probably just synthetic Faux fur. It's impossible to say where the fur was manufactured or sold, as there are so many companies that make faux fur.

Some people have poor reactions to faux fur. It's best to wear underarmour or some kind of spandex lycra body suit under your furry suit to keep you cool and keep the faux fur off your skin.

Also, a small note, your post is really hard to read. Punctuation and paragraphs really go a long way.
Something else about the KreationX "Frank the Bunny" costume: why did they change from the grey fur (as seen in most advertisements such as on amazon) to the black fur with white streaks? I really wish they stuck with the original design.

Here is what they advertise on amazon and ebay:



Here is what it really looks like:


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