Killzone STA-18 Automatic Pistol by Tactonyx


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Greetings everyone,
I'd would like to share one of my newer projects with you guys: The STA-18 Automatic Pistol.
Sure it's impractical and akward, but it's impractical and akward in a good way. Reminds me a lot of the Skorpion, I love that gun! (Not the Klobb, mind you) Anyways' here's the work I got done on it so far.

The render


Work on the Magazine


Completed Magazine


Lifter Housing


The gun, thus far.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this, and any questions orcomments are welcomed.


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Massive Killzone fan myself. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Just getting into making props myself so would really like to see all your development on this project. Cheers.


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I love the look of that pistol, and your replica thus far looks fantastic!

I sincerely, hope that once yours is finished, it suffers a terrible accident and falls into a vat of silicone :)


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Thanks everyone. Wow, I've really neglected this thread. Here's a little update: Finished the model. Check it out.


The grip was pretty easy to get the texture. I cut up a busted screen door and I laid it on the handle and brushed liquid superglue over it.

I then used a razor to trim the screen to fit the contours of the grip.

This is a pretty cool little pistol, well, BIG pistol. All is left is to give it a paintjob
Thanks for looking
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