Killer Instinct 2 Fulgore foam build W.I.P


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Hello everyone! I am in the process of building a replica of Fulgore from Killer instinct 2. I am planning to debut the costume at the Calgary Comic Con on Saturday april 26th. im not really a perfectionist so as long as it everything turns out fairly decent ill be content. heres the look im going for :

I just thought i would show you you what i have so far and get some feedback and possibly some tips/tricks. thanks for looking :)

I havent been able to paint since its been very windy in my city and It rained today. I hope to start painting tomorrow. today i just worked on the helmet a bit. I started out using a foam predator bio file. i only ended up using the top dome part then freehanded the rest. for the frame under the foam I took apart a respirator helmet i got from work. I added some utility hooks to the back part and cut up some orange mason twine I got from the dollar store for the ponytail part. the hose is actually just shower hose lol.

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God damn, that game was my life when I was younger. My fav tho gotta be Chief Thunder. Anyways, love, love your costume. Very Inspiring

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so i managed to get a little painting done on the project. I got the orange trim done but i think i bought a defective can of black Plastidip. When I squeeze the nozzle it comes out in bad splotchy dots but since I paid $20 for it im using up the whole thing. Anyway so i skipped some pieces and I have a question Im trying to get what seems like Fulgores alternate Color palette. If you search Fulgore on google you find his primary color which is Silver. Im going for the silver/copperish tinge color. im not exactly sure how i should go about it. if i should just spray the aluminum paint as a basecoat followed by the copper. Or if i should just stick to the main silver and not mess with the copper so i dont mess up the whole paint job. I ( I did quick test coat of each paint) any advice or recommendations on better paint for the job? Thanks :)

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Small progress update: I painted up some pieces and put one coat of clear on them. I am satisfied with the color. It kind of looks like chocolate milk colored armor haha.

I still have more pieces to prep and paint.

I added a few small details to the helmet. on the face and temples.

all thats left now is strapping, biceps, and the two more difficult parts. the helmet and the forearm blade assembly. Im hoping to get my hands on some plexiglass tomorrow but i have no idea how I will get them to light up..


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That's a game and a character I haven't thought of in forever. Great start, can't wait to see it completed.


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hey guys sorry i havent posted pics. i lost my stupid micro USB adapter somewhere so i had to buy another. so I stayed up till 3am working on it then woke up at 6am to finish. I ended up rushing everything at the end, cutting corners pretty bad so it doesnt look nowhere as good as i had in mind. I live about 2 hours away from Calgary and when we got there it took forever to find a parking spot.
Anyway heres some final pics of the helmet and a few pics my buddy took at the Calgary Comic Con 2014 on the 26th
front view: (the hoses are sticking out too far and the breathing slits took away from the accuracy of the helmet :( I tried using magnets to make the faceplate detachable but my methods werent working so i had to cut out holes to breathe.

side view: turned out decent

back view: painted the back of the head black as per the actual character and added some velcro to close the helmet.

inner frame: I didnt have time to make it a one piece thing. I had to put the inner frame on, then the foam outer shell. turned out alright.

few con pics:

I might do a Fulgore Mark 1 ( Killer Instinct 1:SNES) in the future with some upgraded things. i have some other projects im thinking about attempting first thanks for looking :)


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oops So i totally forgot to give credit to the makers of the foam files:

Neck, boots and forearms are from Robo3687 foam Mark 4/6 files. I messed them up so i modified them a bit
Shoulders, shins, thighs, biceps and abs are from Dancingfools Mark2/3 foam files
Chest is from eye of saurons iron man extremis foam files.
Back and Codpiece is from juices war machine foam files
Top of helmet is from predator foam file. i forgot the maker.

also I would have loved to make the plasma blades on his forearms out of plexiglass and some blue LEDs shining through it. if anybody had any ideas to how to rig that up that would be appreciated.