Kialna's 2014 Halloween Costume Contest Entry - Smaug the Magnificent

Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

Well the first molds were some plastic domes, and weren't what I wanted. I ordered some silicone molds, which came in last week, and will try.

Not sure how the airbubbles are with that, but I found that it wasn't all that bad. I've had WAY worse. Will see the results next week, as I'm on a holiday in Spain atm. :) it was necessary.

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Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

This is coming on a treat and those hands look fantastic. Expecting those wings to be impressive also.
Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

I have now made a cast of the right hand, which looks way better, albeit a bit light. But it can be painted, so that's not much of a problem. It looks much better than the other one, so I'll recast the left hand probably. It's thinner, so moving my hand feels easier, but on the same time, the fingers are a bit wide.... Maybe wearing gloves underneath them can help.







I am working on the scalemail, eyes and toes. I am also redoing the horns, because I wasn't satisfied. I ordered more worbla and will work with that.
Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

I geek-out over this thread every time I look! :) Your talent and dedication to this are inspiring. :cool:thumbsup
Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

I always suspected Smaug was a raver! Well done Kialna, this is a fantastic build. Good luck finishing on time mate!
Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

Here's a timelapse with me doing *actual* work.

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Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

That has way more mobility than I would have expected, once you have the tail on you'll clear the dance floor! ;)
OT: I love the wallpaper. :)
Re: The Hobbit - Smaug the magnificent

A video of me testing the wings. As we speak, I am working on adjustments on them. But at least we have an idea of the wingspan (although I might stretch the outer 'bone' after the con). one of the sides was 'hanging' a little. I'm correcting that as well.

At the moment, both parts of the head are in their molding process. I also follow a strict 'One toe a day' rule in the weekdays. I finished all four toes of one foot yesterday and will start on tuesday with the other foot. This helps me finish the feet on time, and not put too much stress on my arms and fingers. I have also decided that sunday is scalemail day. I am also remolding eyes and strangely enough... I'm nearing the end. Will prepare skinning for the tail today as well.
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