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    For the last Paris Comics Expo, I decided to make a cosplay.
    If you said "Comics", you said Super heros.
    I absolutely don't have the body of a super hero...or maybe Baymax.
    But I've seen a version of Superman that I could do; this version, drawned by Donald Soffriti :

    So I've bought a Superman costume, and even the XL one was too small for me...what a piece of chance !!
    I've cut the costume, I've made it very dirty, made some holes, took a piece of carboard to write a small text, and here I am !!


    This picture was from the last Japan Expo at Paris...and I've won almost 12 euro with my poor face :cry
    Some peoples said I was the best cosplay of the convention :lol:lol:lol:lol
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    Lol omg :lol:facepalm you know what,I'm gonna congratulate you on the price money...
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