Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus Bust


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Hey Everyone,
Recently I've been working on adding some new smaller dinosaur busts to my JPRoom/Office collection. Here is the first paint steps for base colors on my dilophsaurus. More to come with the drybrush work.




Version 2.0 of this will have larger teeth to be more accurate to the SWS Model.
How did I miss this thread? Looks awesome. Did you sculpt this yourself? It looks so menacing. Love the reds you added to the neck and around the eyes. What color red did you use for that, as it has a nice look to it? The rest of the paint job is phenomenal too - I just never noticed any red on the JP Dilophosaurus before, so it jumped out at me.

But damn... you should do a scientifically accurate version too and put them side by side. :)

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