Jurassic Park 1:1 Raptor Head


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Hey RPF,

Long time lurker, first time poster. Love seeing everyone’s builds, so much inspiration!

Anyway, thought I’d show you progress for my 1:1 scale JP Raptor head.
Always wanted one & after going to the Jurassic World exhibition in London, I had to get one! Found the cast on Fleabay.


Usual tidy up & then primed grey over the top & white on the underside. Decided on JP1 for the paint up. I put some off white, mid brown and dark brown down as base colours with rattlecans.



After that I started blocking in lighter browns & beiges over the darker colours.


Then I did a light beige (almost skin tone) wash on the top & a dark brown wash on the bottom to get in between the scales & put some detail in with my airbrush.


Just waiting on some glass eyes to arrive so I can mount it in the wall. I’ve also ordered some glass cabochons to try painting my own. I’ve got another cast that I’ll be painting up as Blue for a mate.

Hope you like it so far, let me know what you think!


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Here’s where I’m at with the Raptor.
I cut the eyes out and primed the edges. I left a little of the edges for the corners of the eyes & painted a maroon/purple and gave them a coat of gloss varnish.




I think I’m going to dry brush some black or at least some really dark brown on some of the scales from the snout over the top of the ‘eyebrows’ and maybe just coming down the neck.


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That is gorgeous!

2 questions - can you tell me seller on ebay? I couldn't find them.
Same on the glass eyes - Those look amazing - Would love to know where they came from!
Thanks, I’m already quite taken with her :)

The seller had 2 of these casts. I bought one for myself and a mate bought the other & had it sent to me for the paint up. Unfortunately there’s been no response to my questions on where they came from. The listing said Classic Castings or some such and also said there was lineage to JP3. How true that info is, I couldn’t say as there was no evidence or proof provided.

The eyes are printed and stuck into the back of 50mm glass cabochons. I bought a few and am still trialing different colours etc.



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Yeah, I thought they probably were. Like I said, there was no offer of provenance for such a claim. Do you know any more about them? I couldn't find much about Classic Castings aside from a Facebook page and these weren't on there.


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I did look up the code for west african tree frog as it goes... I also deleted some of it and wrote the word Gattaca in too :lol:


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